Holiday Pajamas for the Whole Family – Cozy Up!

Holiday Pajamas for the Whole Family
Holiday Pajamas for the Whole Family

Ho, ho, ho, Everyone …. too soon? Well we’ve had our first snow here in Wisco, leaves are gone and the Christmas feels are setting in. I’m trying to think of new traditions with my now adult babies … yep, it’s official …. all of my babies are now adults with my youngest turning 18 over the summer. I’m headed to empty nest-dom …. yaaaayyyyy (said with dripping sarcasm through tears). It’s inevidable and it fills me with a mixture of nostalgia and reget of Christmas traditions never adopted …… like matching pajamas! It’s not too late, right? …..er, RIGHT? Technically, two thirds of my chicks are still in the nest. That’s it. I decree, “HOLIDAY PAJAMA SETS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY … fur babies included!”

Now more than ever the world needs to wallow in a bit of cozy, Christmas/Holiday comfort and make happy memories to strongly, ‘santa-tize’ (heh,heh) the crazy year of 2020 out. I can’t think of a better way than with holiday pajamas for the whole family. I’ve rounded up a list of my top finds based on the criteria of fun, cozy, and comfortable. I’ve included styles from ‘full on elf’ to more practical, ‘can be worn after the holiday’, looks …. bonus points were given for fur baby options …. Yes, Tugger, my loyal farm mutt/designer dog, there is a Santa Claus, …. matching pajama set for you too!

Sit back, with your ‘pumpkin spice’ or ‘peppermint’ and enjoy this edition of Tin Shanty Picks. PAJAMA UP, it’s going to be a cozy Christmas!!! Oh and let me know your favorite …. better yet 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 share a pic of your family in your cozy, matching pajamas in the comments below, tag @tinshanty on Instagram, @tinshantyblog on Facebook and/or use my hashtag #tinshantymademedoit on any of the platforms that you frequent …. oh and if you see a news headline about a crazy woman trying to stuff 4 grown ass men into matching pajama sets, it may or may not be me ….. 🤭

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Click pics below to purchase! (Most styles are available with more choices than pictured) Go check’em out!

1.)For Fair Isle fans       2.) For ‘Christmas Vacation’ fans        3.) For Organic Cotton fans

4.)For Cute Butt(Flap) fans         5.)For Moose fans                 6.) For Onesie with footies fans

7.)For ‘Wide Awake’ Santa Sleuths        8.)For Onesie sans footies fans     9.) For Xmas Eve,’Lights Out’ fans

10.)For Traditional Xmas fans        11.)‘What the Elf?’ pretty much sums up 2020!

See all of my Christmas lists here!

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