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WORTH CHECKING ouT this holiday season!

WINTER BEANIES (all links below have multiple color options)


Amazon Beauty Finds

Here’s the ‘spinning squirrel’ bird feeder I featured in my stories. It keeps the bird seed safe and provides entertainment too. Click pic above to shop or here’s the link: Spinning Squirrel Bird Feeder

Vest is sold out a similar looking one that I actually like better. Jeans | Combat boots | Vest | Classic white blouse

Oh snap! The vest I’m wearing is sold out. I’ve put together some alternative options for you. Vest Option 1 | Vest Option 2 | Black Turtleneck Tee

Star Sweater | Luxe Tank | Black Leggings | Adidas Sneaks | Quilted Vest 1 | (black vest shown no longer available. I listed a similar option)

Solid Color Swing Tank | Print Swing Tank

These tanks are a great look for layering without adding warmth. They have a high neck to peek above your sweater/sweatshirt neckline and hang lower to add length to a shorter sweater, sweatshirt or shirt.