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Hi! It’s me again back this time with a gift list very near and dear to my heart ….. MY list! A wish list of beauty products saved over the year from beauty magazines, influencers, and/or infomercials. I haven’t tried any of these …. yet. Some are items I’d like to try but can’t justify the price to buy them myself … which is the exact definition of a great gift. If you’ve used any of the items on this list, share your experience in the comments, please and thank you! So ….. without further jibber-jabber …. I present Tin Shanty Picks a ‘Beauty Wish List For Her’ (click on the pic to link to the product) Happy Shopping!

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My hair dryer is circa 1990 and needs to be replaced. There has to be a better option! I found this ‘easy on the eyes’ option with close to a 5 star rating on Amazon with all the features I need … plus she cute.

This item came highly recommended by my sister who owes her seriously, sassy hair style to this product.

I could replace all 3 of my existing curling irons with this Custom Blend Ceramic Three Barrel Professional Curling Iron Set | 1 Inch, 1.25 Inch, and 1.5 Inch Clip Barrels …. again, mine are circa 1990. It’s time.

The next three products are all about the brow. I need some serious eyebrow help. I put this one on the list after seeing it in a beauty magazine. It made enough of an impression for me to save in my phone notes … for months.

This is a microblading eyebrow pencil. Almost as good as microblading without the risk of permanent angry eyebrows. Looks promising.

This little brow pencil is not pricey at all and comes with an almost 5 star rating by almost 38,000 users on Amazon!

This eyeshadow palette made my list because its all natural and organic ingredients. It’s also produced by a women-owned company. Perfect!

This ‘Tarte Shape Tape’ contour concealer has been recommended by every influencer I follow. It’s also very highly rated by over 500 users.

Again, an influencer favorite. I’ve had it on my ‘try’ list for a while. This holiday trio set looks sooooo good!

GREAT VALUE for long hair! Perfect gift for girls. Highly reviewed! 5 in 1 Curling Wand Set with 3 Barrel Hair Crimper for Women, Fast Heating Hair Wand Curler in All Hair Types

Wait! What? I didn’t think they still made this! I remember the infomercials from the 90s and used to wish for one whenever I gave my boys haircuts …. which brings me to 2020, where again, I find myself giving my boys haircuts.

This is a recent, influenced purchase for me. I used it for the first time today and was very impressed with how healthy my hair felt after the first use, I would recommend for a gift. The box states it may promote new hair growth …. which may come in handy if the ‘Flowbee’ ends up under my tree. 😏

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