Hi, all! As I prepare to decorate this year’s Christmas tree, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite trees from Christmas past for your inspiration. From traditional farmhouse Christmas trees to full on Whoville Christmas trees, I’ve attempted them all. Embrace your inner elf and let the Christmas spirit guide you!

Guide to the perfect Christmas tree

  1. Decide on a tree – Real, Fake, Flocked ….. or Wire …. or Twig ….
  2. Look through photos of past trees online, and in local shops for inspiration. My goal is always to re-use as much as possible. I paint, string, cut apart, stand on my head, touch my toes, click my heels 3 times and voila …. the heavens and nature sing …. 😁
  3. Get creative with the your Christmas tree base. Think outside the tradional tree base and skirt. Look to containers, blankets, anything you love that you already own. Keep an open mind and go on a flea market / vintage shop forage for anything that inspires you. I’ve used wash tubs, water troughs, old wooden crates, vintage wagons …. sometimes all at the same time. Go crazy!
  4. Oh the lights, lights, lights, lights! Admittedly, this is the step I find the least enjoyable …… though with a wink of my eye and a big gulp of wine, I turn up the Christmas tunes and have a good time… yeah, yeah …. I know. Too rhyme-y ….. Seriously, I’ve tried everything to make this more enjoyable. I’ve tried pre-lit trees, only the ones in my budget don’t come with enough lights so I add (and add, and add … ) and if I’m lucky, none short out after the tree is fully done …. otherwise, I’m back to string, string, stringing my way along. Don’t be afraid to try something new. There are so many lighting choices available today. The last couple of years I’ve used icicle lights and draped them down starting from the top of the tree. I, then, use floral wire to help secure them to the branches. By the time I’m finished, both the tree and me are well lit! 💡 🥂💡
  5. And at last, the ornaments. I like to layer my ornaments. I start with the heirlooms that hold meaning and memories and after that, anything goes…. blend in bulbs, garland … signs..anything that ‘sparks joy’ …. like the Marie Kondo method …. only the Christmas edition and in reverse!

Nothing like the real thing, baby …. Real Christmas trees

It’s all about the base (🎵 ’bout the base, ’bout the base 🎵 )

Shine bright like a diamond ….

My thoughts on this year’s Christmas tree?

  • This year my thoughts are going more to a simple look. I’m loving the ‘naked tree’ look that I’ve been spying on Instagram lately. Little to no ornaments, just lighting the tree. Somewhat, like the pictures below. The first from when I was playing with outdoor lighted stars on my tree … and the second from the first Christmas in our timberframe farmhouse. We moved in on Dec. 6th. … so much moving, so little time for decorating … I sent the boys out to find a Christmas tree and they circled the back 40 a couple times returning with a small, white, lit, outdoor, wire tree from the machine shed. It worked! When all is said, you don’t really need a guide … just do what makes your heart happy and lifts your Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas, Everyone! May you enjoy the blessings of this Holiday Season! Next up …. Sleighing the Christmas Cocktail ….
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  1. All great ideas! Thanks for the tips!

  2. All great ideas! Thanks for the tips!

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