You’ve set up your flocked Christmas tree in the perfect base, in the perfect corner of your home. Now what? A pre-lit flocked tree looks perfect naked … gasp! No frills. No sparkle. Just lit in wintery perfection and standing in a base or skirt. This was my struggle both last year and again this year. I just may have found the perfect Christmas tree. I guess that’s a good problem to have? Here are my best tips for decorating your winter flocked tree so you enhance rather than hide those frosty white branches!

Snowflakes & Starbursts


There’s nothing quite as magical as a subtle twinkle peeking out from the inside of your Christmas tree. I prefer a slow fade type of twinkle that blinks in and out slowly as to not overwhelm the rest of your lights and decorations. Click here for the set I found this year. A bit pricey, but worth it and you only need one strand tucked into the middle of your tree running from top to bottom.

Icy Berries in a Glow of Twinkle Lights on a Flocked Christmas Tree
Slow Fade Twinkle Lights


Next up, what look are you going for? This is the fun part! Do you like to start decorating and see where you end up? That’s kind of my style. I like to shop my Christmas hoard first so when I hit the local Christmas markets, Hobby Lobby, and Target I have an idea of what I already have at home. I love it when I find an ornament or garland that refreshes the ornaments I already have. This year I found these glittered starburst ornaments. I love, love, love them!

Close up shot of Glitter Starburst Ornaments on a Flocked Christmas Tree
Glittered Starburst Ornaments


Are you team ‘Gimme me all the ornaments, there will be no holes in my tree’ or are you more like me, “It’s a tree. It’s should have holes. Holes let the light through and bring on the magic.” I like to layer my ornaments from the inside out. It’s like a hidden treasure when I notice an ornament giving sparkle and have to look further in to see it. When you see a spot that needs an ornament and there’s no supporting branch, pipe cleaners, clear fishing line, and zip ties are your best friends. Cluster ornaments together using hot glue or string them together using pipe cleaner for an interesting look to fill up your tree. This works wonderfully on heavily flocked, downswept branches where using traditional hooks is impossible.

Layered snowflake and starburst ornament on a flocked Christmas tree
Oh the Layers!


Lastly, I always like to add the unexpected. Oversized balls? A vintage beaver ornament with a flashing caution light? (Click here for one of my favorite trees using both!) Signs? Edible Gingerbread cookies? Be creative … get inspiration from a family hobby or vacation. It’s the ‘icing’; the ‘Wow’ factor, the ‘Ho, Ho, Ho-oooly Moly’ … you get the idea. I was so excited this year to find starburst ornaments to pair with the giant starburst lights from Christmas past.

Flocked Christmas Tree with layered snowflakes and starburst ornaments
The unexpected pop of giant Starbursts

There you have it. Lights. Decorate. Magic. See more of my past trees here! As always, thanks for stopping by!

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