TOP 5 DECOR TRENDS FOR 2020 – Let’s get this decade started!

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2020! I’m excited to begin this new age with all the decor inspiration it brings! I’ve read many articles and posts of what’s in and what’s out and while one article will declare an item is over, another will feature that same item making a comeback. I’m literally sitting here like an armchair decorist, a little dazed, confused, and daunted by my own opinions on what I love and what is ‘over’. During this mindstorm of uncertainty, what does one do, but take to instagram to wade through the hazy, fog to seek out my top 5 decor trends for 2020 …

Top 5 Decor Trends for 2020 - Tin Shanty
My Office using vintage books, poster, fan, & typewrtier as accents; paired with ‘humble’ materials of concrete & reclaimed wood (@tinshanty)

1. The use of vintage pieces as accents.

The idea of filling a space with all things vintage is out. It’s time to think of your collections in a new way. Less is more. A twist to using a vintage piece or two for visual interest is in. I’ve observed this for a few years as vintage furniture, once prized for its time-worn patina, has been painted over. While it’s rewarding to see unsalvagable pieces brought to life with paint, I’m equally excited to note the trend of returning a piece to its original finish. Picture a living space that has a mid-century modern, velvet sofa in a leaf green color, paired with a vintage frame, mirror, and end table/dresser, all in their original finish. Items from the early 1900s era with detailing like spooled legs and spindles are back. ‘Yes, Virginia’, you can incorporate vintage pieces while maintaining a minimalist, modern style. πŸ˜‰

2. The use of ‘humble’, easily recyclable materials.

Wabi-Sabi (finding beauty within the imperfections of life) and Hygge (a mood of coziness and comfortableness) principles are leading this movement. Look for designs that incorporate more humble materials, such as, plywood, concrete, rattan, wicker, and terracotta. Embrace materials with natural imperfections known for their living finish. Emerging design trends are embracing an appreciation of age and patina in materials.

Top 5 Decor Trends for 2020 - Tin Shanty
My ‘Ashley Norton’ door levers are described as having a ‘living finish’. As you can see, the black finish was made to wear through to the brass with use. I absolutely love them!
Here’s a makeover of a rattan piece. While I love this makeover, I do like the patina of the original piece. A cushion makeover was definitely needed either way. @salvagedliving ( & @wagnerspraytech ( )

3. Wallpaper is back, baby!

I can’t believe I’m digging this trend as I reflect on the hours of life I spent removing wallpaper in our farm’s original, late 1800s, farmhouse. But, alas, the medium has changed. There are now peel-and-stick, easily removable options! Large scale graphics and floral patterns are in! This is a great way to add a temporary ‘pop’ of color to your room. I’m looking forward to exploring this trend as I plan my surface pattern collections in 2020!

Top 5 Decor Trends for 2020 - Tin Shanty Large Graphic Wallpaper
A larger print from Tin Shanty Designs. This is a removable wallpaper available for purchase at my spoonflower shop, TinShanty (click to link to this wallpaper)
Top 5 Decor Trends for 2020 - Large Graphic Wallpaper
@the_rusticpallet knows how to do a hallway! I love this wallpaper by @coppercorners ( )

4. High contrast design.

Let’s be honest …. was this trend ever really out? I mean, who doesn’t love a good black and white design …. the highest of all the contrasts …. For those, like me, who LOVE this look, you’re going to flip for the latest industrial lighting collection spawned from the collaboration of @keatonindustries and Aidan Gray Home ( )

Gaaaaaaaaa! See what I mean! Hello, Gorgeous. @keatonindustries
…and another one from the @keatonindustries collection. The swagging (is that even a word?) of lights are going to catch on fire! What a great way to place lighting when the connection plate isn’t where it you want it! @keatonindustries BAM!

5. Emerging from the ‘all white’ abyss.

While I’ll always prefer the aesthetics of an all neutral pallet, with varying shades of whites, it seems a shift to color is happening.  One of the top 5 decor trends for 2020 that I’ve seen mentioned is to choose one or several elements, such as a section of kitchen cabinets (island, wall, or base), and incorporate daring colors, like dark red, bright yellow, green or navy blue. You can also, less permanently, play this out by incorporating trending colors in wallpaper, art, and/or textiles. Go ahead. Experiment with adding colors. Paint that cabinet, add a bright canister set, bread box or appliance to your beloved neutral kitchen and when you’re ready to return to a neutral pallet… just click your heels 3 times and repeat, “There’s no place like home …. in Whites/Greiges/Neutrals” …. all whilst grabbing a can of paint and/or your camera to begin painting and/or ‘marketplace listing’ your colors away!

That’s a wrap on the Tin Shanty’s top 5 Decor Trends of 2020

While these top 5 Decor Trends for 2020 are just a peek of what’s becoming popular, one thing is for certain… Design has taken a turn towards greater individualism and the rules of right and wrong have been abandoned. In a world of small internet shops and Etsy, you’re able to source your own style, day or night! Therefore, decorate your life with what you love. Refresh, Revamp, ReEnergize. Repeat. If it makes you happy then it’s in style. Maybe, just maybe, ‘Off Trend’ is now ‘On Trend’. πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

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  1. I loved seeing all these styles and ideas. I’ve been spending WAY too much time on Instagram lately, browsing through just these types of things. I loved the bright and open white/pale gray style for a while but when every single person I was seeing on IG and YT had it, I quickly got over it. I’m absolutely loving more natural wood in decorating now. I love smaller rooms that feel cozy and warm and have some color to them. I think my absolute favorite right now is Old World Home, on YT and IG.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I love all decor and design! I’ll check out your suggestion for sure!

  2. christina says:

    I love all that you posted. We are currently remodeling our home and you have given some inspiration, especially for my kitchen. I’m in love with the white oak and marble countertops as well as the high contrast design.

    1. Thanks! I am really loving that pic from @the_whole_9_yards_design too. Good Luck with your remodel. How exciting!

  3. I’m completely obsessed! About to go paint my kitchen lower cabinets green!!! Great post! Def inspired for 2020!

    1. I wasn’t really sold on the trend until I ran across the @shwastyle post. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Love all the trends! Thanks for sharing, I’m saving a few for inspirations! We are about to tackle fixing our 400 sq ft studio home for our family of 4!

    1. Wow! Good Luck! I love seeing the creative storage and functional decor of a small living space.

  5. Loving all of these trends! Especially the return of wood furniture and color!

  6. What a great post!! I’m so bad at decorating my home, let alone following the latest interior design trends, but I love all of picks. I’ve been musing over the peel and stick wallpaper I’ve been seeing everywhere and I think I’ll be joining in on the fun!

    1. I’m interested in the wallpaper too. Definite going to try this in 2020. Thanks for comment!

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